Attorney Clara M. Diaz can assist you in any of the following areas:

Criminal Law

Driving Under the Influence DUI
suspended driver's license

Real Estate/ Housing
If you are selling or purchasing a home or business you need an attorney.
We also prepare deeds, land trust, real estate contracts.

Property Citations
If you have been cited by the City of Chicago for violations on your property and have a hearing date we can represent hearings for City of Chicago municipal code violations

If you need to evict a tenant that is not paying rent.

Family Law
Estate planning/ wills
Guardianship of disabled adults

Illinois Driver's License
Have you moved outside of Illinois and can't get a driver's license in your new state of residency because you Illinois driver's license is suspended?

If you have moved outside the state of Illinois and have your Illinois driver's license suspended you may not have to return to Illinois to get you license reinstated. Contact our office for more information.